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    First, I think this should be somewhere visible in the parasiteware forum (perhaps a mod can move it there appropriately).

    A COC violation was encountered on my site last night and I'm taking the steps to file a compliant with each network and not just the network effected.

    As it turns out, I have been requested by one member of a network I'm talking with to inform Abwers that COC violation complaints are to be filed with each network and not just the network of the merchant that triggered the violation.

    I have asked this person if the COC is a joint effort or not and why should affiliates have to file complaints with each network a part of the COC. I've asked them to get this addressed so that we can perhaps have a single entry for complaints to be filed but until then, I strongly encourage each of you to file complaints that are loged with each network in the interum.

    While we all hate these scumbags stealing our sales and providing unwanted popups to our visitors, I can't help but think that it's going to take "massive monitoring by many affiliates" to show the amount of infractions occuring.

    Most of us do not want this software on our machines but I think it's going to take just that to detect the violations and report them so we can show the COC we are continually getting stolen from and thats your food for thought!

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    It figures that the networks would make it as difficult as possible to report infractions. They no doubt hope most will give up before finishing the process.

    I agree that we are going to have to load up a computer with the garbage programs to monitor activity closely.

    What I want to see is some network participation in shutting these parasite affiliates down if they don't adhere to the COC. There should be ZERO TOLERANCE after the first reported infraction. None of this, "ooops, better fix have 60 days to do it...just like you did the last time...and the time before that...

    This is getting old, quickly. I think in the long run it's going to take a few big-bucks lawsuits to put a stop to it, however. It's pretty obvious to me the networks aren't seriously behind the COC, they just wanted to do something to shut up everyone at ABW.


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    Good points poon. Unfortuantely, as the COC reads, it is up to each individual network to "interpret" the COC as it relates to them. It also states that each network enforces the COC consistent with itw own business operations and practices.

    IOW, we may see a range in how the different networks veiw compliance and how they react and the actions they take with COC complaints. In that light, it would seem necessary to file complaints with each network (LS excluded of course).

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    It make you wonder who is really running this parasites!

    Networks wants you to work extra hard and so on to keep this scums out of your site when they sit in the lounge and having some good ole time and keep racking money on behalf of people works!

    Love Life to the fullest. we only get ONE chance! :-) !

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    The COC was just PR.

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    The parasite developers, who have the insider status with the networks, use the CoC to negate BHO poachers on the money machine. Yes the parasites and their owners are in competition trying to figure out how to infect more systems. Those who wine and dine with the networks raking in millions feel they rightfully get to control their competitors.

    So the normal affiliate now is cannon fodder for both the networks and the BHO's. Sounds like the 90's doesn't it.

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    Oooops..... I'll be filing more complaints tomorrow.

    Looks like open season on affiliate links. No wonder my sales are down while my traffic is way up!

    If you're in the same boat - load um up, document the infractions and file the complaints!

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