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    "Prepare to be vanquished!"---WTH?
    Figured that I would let you in on some family humor along the lines of "Kids say the darndest things."

    My just-turned 5 y/o girl was coloring with markers in the kitchen and undoubtedly got them all over her hands.

    Approaching the sink to attempt to scrub off the residue, I hear her out there saying forcefully, "Prepare to be vanquished!"

    WTH? LOL!!!

    Anyway, I can honestly say that is a phrase I have never used. I am learning from her and am now planning to add it to my affiliate marketing lingo.

    "Evil BHOs, prepare to be vanquished."

    Has a nice ring to it indeed.


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    I googled it just to try to figure it out. But maybe:

    SpongeBob: [Poses on top of the giant clam] You have fought well, giant clam. Prepare to be vanquished!

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    When my oldest first started talking, rather than saying "No", he would look at you seriouslike and say, "I think not."

    He was a genius until he turned into a teenager, hehe.
    Following everyone else is a GREAT way to become average.

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    That's awesome

    My two year old comes up with the weirdest stuff sometimes. She gets it from me and my wife, I know, but her imagination just runs wild.

    I woke up one morning hearing "Daaaddy... Daaaaaaaddy..." so I open my eyes, and my little girl is standing in my bedroom doorway stark naked. We call her a naked butt baby when she's not wearing clothes, so I say "oh, look, there's a naked butt baby waking me up". She does a 180, and she's got one of my wife's feminine supplies - a pad or a panty liner or something - stuck to the middle of her back. She says "no, Daddy, I am a dragon".

    I swear, she could be two forever and I'd be okay with that... as long as she keeps coming up with stuff like this.

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    If she's ever caught any of the show Charmed that comes on TNT, they say it all the time. Not necessarily "prepare to be vanquished" every time, but they use vanquish/vanquished quite frequently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elbowcreek
    He was a genius until he turned into a teenager, hehe.
    Been there - done that. Yup, twice. But, have faith...he will one day revert to genius mode. It was early-to-mid twenties for both of ours.
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    My six year old wrote e=mc2 on his chalk board the other day.

    I was like, wow- where did he see that. Too bad he really didn't know what it meant. It was just neat to see the little guy actually write it down all on his own.

    He just makes my day in sooooo many ways.

    I have found that even having a child later on life - I have learned as much from him as he has from his me in his first six years.

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    my youngest is ten, and i have three teenagers above him.....the things they understand and the jokes they make....I look at them daily and wonder when did you turn into young adults who actually understand my jokes????

    I love being a mom, my kids are the best thing I have ever done....they are my affiliate program, they payout daily.......

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    Be thankful they aren't running around singing "Viva Viagra" like my little niece and nephew.
    -Don't criticize anyone til you've walked a mile in their shoes. Then when you do criticize them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes.
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