Heed the content and subject matter of that word 'marketers', because it bears special meaning to me...

In Webster's, the term 'marketer' means:
"one that deals in a market; specifically : one that promotes or sells a product or service" ...

To me it's much more- always trying to better yourself through many means, often sacrificial. One truth known to the wisest of us is that we will never be financially satisfied from working for someone else. Maybe rich at best, through slaving for the needs and wants of others, but never truly wealthy and happy. The fact that a person can make money through simply the correct combination of mouse and keystrokes is a monumental accomplishment, and we must never let anyone take that away from us. In fact, due to that reality, we must work together to better ourselves and those certain combinations of mouse clicks and keystrokes that pay off so well!

Please join the community at: www.forum4marketers.com/forum/
and help us grow together. It's just starting out and forming right now, so you will have the chance to get in on the ground floor.

This forum was created as a stable replacement for the other known email marketing forums which are often shaky at best. My aim as administrator is to keep it up as much as possible.

Yes, there have been several marketing forums to come and go in the past. Some had decent numbers (which ours will eventually approach), but saying one is better than the other is like complaining that your bowel movements aren't as good as they used to be. Others in the past have made many promises, and the premise even sounds good, but then they go and screw it up like an alcoholic, back-alley plastic surgeon.

Just like the care and nurture needed to grow plant life, our patience and diligence will mature: along with each of our own individual profit margins as long as we stick together.

After all, a chance for any of us real 'marketers' to network is never a missed opportunity ;-)

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