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    Payment issued but not showing in reporting?
    On the main page after I log in to my LS account, there's a message on the left side of the screen under "News and Announcements" which is titled "Payment Sent" that reads:

    "LinkShare consolidated payments were issued on 11-JAN-08. To view your payment details go to SynergyAnalytics..."

    I know that this only displays when a payment is actually issued to me on the date indicated, however, when I go into Synergy and look under Payment Analysis > Affiliate Payment Summary, it doesn't show a payment on January 11. It shows my last payment as January 4. Does anyone show a payment issued on January 11 in the Synergy reporting?

    What gives?

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    It seems there is often a lag - SA may not show the payment details for a day or 2 after a "News and Announcements - Payment Sent" notice comes up.
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    Ah, okay, thanks. I guess I've never noticed that. Seems stupid for them to give you news of a payment and direct you to the reporting to look it up a day or two before it's actually going to be reported. How very LinkShare.

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    I'm still not showing the payment in the SA reporting. Can someone please tell me if their 1/11/08 payment is showing up in the Synergy reporting?

    I'm afraid the payment may be stuck because I'm in the process of setting up direct deposit. I got to the step where they're supposed to put two small deposits into my account so that I can verify, but the two deposits have not showed up in my account and it has been 4 or 5 days now. Does anyone using direct deposit remember how long it took for the two deposits to show up in your account?

    I'm worried about this situation because this should be a very large payment, and I know how hard it can be to get help from LinkShare. Thanks very much for any help.

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    Mine is showing today and pending in my bank account

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    Yes, SA is now showing that my payment was sent too, thanks. I still wonder how long it's going to take for the little "confirmation deposits" to get into my checking account so that I can get direct deposit working. It's been almost a week. What really stinks is that I got a private message on this forum from "Linkshare Moderator", possibly about this issue, but I can't read it because the ABW system says I don't have enough posts to use the private message system, even though I've been a member for many years. I'm just not having good luck with things in general, it seems.

    Note to "Linkshare Moderator" - can you please email the message to me?

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