So I was watching America's Test Kitchen earlier today and the lady was making a lemon cake with layers and the guy that hosts the show was helping her. She had the first layer done and was trying to place the next cake layer on top of the filling, but it did not go on straight, so she was trying to fix it. While she was moving the cake layer around to line it up with the rest of the cake, the guy says "you have to adjust it like you would a hair piece" and she responds "you would know." I was waiting for one of them to laugh, but neither one did, they just uncomfortably continued to work on the cake.

Well, to me he doesn't look like he wears a hair piece, but who knows. I just couldn't believe she said that on tv (and they left it in the show). I'm not sure if this fits in with the daily chuckle, but I thought it was hilarious.