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    Multiple CJ accounts ?
    Any one have any experience opening multiple CJ accounts ?

    It seems I just had my affiliation with my best earning programs within CJ stopped - I am currently appealing, but this could take ages.

    So looking for options on opening a completely different CJ account with no
    assocation with my current one. That I can set up and start earning again ASAP ?


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    I think Baydo is possibly an ABW regular who wanted to ask a really stup*d question, so they created a new user name to hide behind.

    Baydo (or whoever you are), if i were you - I wouldn't even bother checking back to this thread because you are going to get flamed big time.

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    Baydo, that sounds like something that would be against the CJ TOS. If you opened a new account and started doing the same thing with the same program, the second account would get shut down just as quickly, plus you may be in for some other unpleasant repercussions.
    Deborah Carney

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    if you create a new account, but link it to the same old site that got kicked, wouldn't the same thing happen again? And they might argue that you are scamming, and then get dropped by CJ entirely?

    If you do the new account, and put links on an entirely different site, and refrain from doing whatever it was that got you kicked out in the 1st place, I imagine that would be safe.

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