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    Talking Joining the Ranks of the Weight-Loss Weary!
    Today starts my first day of a 10 week diet in pursuit of losing the 15 pounds I've put on since I graduated college and landed a desk and a gut with my degree.

    My husband is joining me - he's got about 40 pounds to lose.

    We're doing South Beach. I've done it before (just phase one and for about a week before I cracked) and lost 8 pounds.

    My husband and I have been doing meditation and self-hypnosis. Google selfhypnosis and you'll find a whole sub-culture of calm, smiling, successful people.

    This is my first experience with it and I must say after one session last evening before I bed, I think I'm hooked.

    I woke up at 6 a.m. and did some yoga and made breakfast. I feel more motivated than ever before!

    Does anyone else have any experience with self-hypnosis/meditation?

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    I have no experience with self-hypnosis/meditation but wanted to wish you and your husband the best of luck losing those pounds.
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