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    New Window or Same Window on Affiliate Link Click
    When a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, do you open a new window or use the existing page to send them to the merchant?

    Thought, opinions, facts, statistics?

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    I have no facts or statistics on this one, just thoughts and opinions

    I open in the same window most of the time, but it depends on the situation. If I'm linking in the middle of an article or review, it will almost always be in a new window because I want to give people a chance to read the rest of the text. But other than that... generally, same window.
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    If ALL your links open in a new window it gets annoying, however you do want people to find your site again after they click away if they want to come back I found an old site of mine that had ALL links (including internal site links) opening in a new window and that got very annoying really fast!
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    We open new windows. The obvious thought is to keep someone on our sites if the merchant does not offer what the viewer requested they will hopefully click on a different option on our site.
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    I also open all extrenal links (affilaite links) in a new windows. Hoping that they will continue shopping at other stores or at least bookmark my site.

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    I have read advice leading to both conclusions: the "annoyance factor" as mentioned my Loxly, and the "keep 'em on my site" viewpoint as indicated by VisitOurMall. It almost seems like a toss-up. I even tried some A-B testing a couple of years back - and could determine no difference.

    On my "community" sites, when I link out to a business in one of our directories I usually open the link in a new window. I also (usually) mention to my readers that a new window will open on the page where those links are located. Fortunately I don't have that problem with hotel reservations because I now use "white label" fulfillment with merchants on most of my sites. There is a seamless transition from my site to the merchant site and back again.

    Tough question to answer. For unofficial guidance on site presentation ideas I often go to the "big money" sites - ones paid for my the likes of General Motors, Maybelline, Kodak, and the like. Thre you can get good ideas for color combinations, font usage, menu loactions, etc. But most of those site are not linking out to anywhere - especially not to another merchant. So, no help there...
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    I use new windows as well for my affiliate links.

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    I use new windows too.

    I can't say for sure (I don't do A/B or any other kind of in debth testing) but since I started using new windows, my income has increased so I think it's a good idea to keep them on your site without losing them on the first click out to a merchant or other site.

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    I've tested both ways and find no difference. My sites open external links in new windows and internal links in the same window.

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    Same window. I want those visitors to go, GO, GO to the merchant site through my links and buy, not be hanging around my site earning me zilch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erninator
    I've tested both ways and find no difference. My sites open external links in new windows and internal links in the same window.
    Yep, there were some long threads on this awhile back with people testing both ways and they didn't see any difference in conversions. There were also a few blockers that would block new windows but for the most part new windows are fine and the main blockers don't do this. And if somebody wanted to open a link in a new window (and knew how), they can right click on it and pick Open in New Window. I open my links in the same window but there have been sites where I thought it would be better in a new window. Just whatever your personal preference is since conversions are pretty much the same and either way you choose, you'll have people the like the other way.

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    I use a new window for all external links and same window for internal links. No facts whatsoever for any preferences, tho.

    Before I had any idea what others were doing or about here I started using the new window cos Linkshare offered it as an option for their links so figured it must be popular or they wouldn't offer em. Ummm now that I've learned Linkshare isn't exactly loved by all affiliates lol probably woulda thought there was some alterior motive for them offering it. lol

    Would imagine it is something others like or they probably wouldn't offer it.

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    Like most of the others who have responded, I use a new window for all external links and the same window for all internal links.

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    Good points from all

    My only question would be: what about ISP blockers that block new windows?
    Is that still a consideration in the debate about links opening in the same window or in a different window?

    One reason I ask is that I encountered this type of problem when I had a problem with the Hosts File.
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