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    Estimating your CJ Payment
    I used to have no idea what my CJ check/deposit would be until I noticed the following correlation:

    By and large, my balance on the last day of a given month is a very accurate estimate for what my direct deposit amount will be the following month (usually +/- 5%).

    Just thought I'd pass it along as it has helped me in budgeting cash flow.

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    I usually go by about 60% of whatever that number on the top of the pages is. Yours may be more accurate though for fluctuations in monthly earnings.

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    I go by transaction reports, and historical reversal percentages among my merchants. One even does automated reversals that post immediately when something is canceled or comes up as fraudulent, so there's no surprise at the end of the month.

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    My approach seems easier! The end of month balance (for me at least) is an accurate gauge of the eventual deposit amount -- including eventual reversals and bonuses.

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    Good question, it would be good to know for certain for accounting purposes!
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