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    Cool Google Delay Between Browsers
    Wanted to know if anyone had ever had experience with this before. Last night I searched Google for my top targeted keyword using Internet Explorer, it was ranked # 5.

    Then, I did the same search using Firefox, ranked # 4.

    I went back and double checked both over a period of an hour, same results. Better ranking in Firefox.

    A few hours later I saw the ranking in Internet Explorer finally change to # 4.

    Is there a delay between browsers? I've never noticed this before.

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    I don't think it's a browser issue, just a different Data Center...

    I've noticed my keywords moving around lots the last few days (thank you google, for a decrease PR on one site, and an increase in another... sigh).

    Try this link to see how results can differ:

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    ...err...never mind. I was thinking of search ads instead of the organic listings.

    Feel free to delete the post.

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