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    Question Underground Station: Shady performics vendor?
    Has anyone had any experience with Underground Station? They are a shoe and clothing retailer. We signed up with them in December, did sales of almost 100 orders.

    The problem? according to the report we ran, 75 of those 100 orders were cancelled. !!

    We are really hoping this is some quirkiness of Underground's reporting system, and/or my unfamiliarity with performics....and not really cancellations, as there are a couple other pecularities with Underground. Their sales show as code GRD (pending) and the commission percentages were not increasing commensurate with the tiers we hit.

    I've sent several emails to Performics and all I get back is "we've forwarded your feedback to the Underground Station program manager".

    If these cancellations are real, I guess it means Underground is incompetent and can't manage their inventory, and I need to yank them from my site asap. But I'm hoping that it's just that I don't know how to interpret these reports... help

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    January 15th, 2008
    update: finally heard back from performics
    The performics program manager had been in training for a week, was the reason given for the week of radio silence. She fwded my query about the cancellations to Underground and THEY WERE REAL.
    Underground's response:

    "I looked in our order fulfillment system at these orders. One brand sold EXTREMELY well during the holidays. When our online store ran out of inventory, we did our best to ship the product from one of our stores, but it was selling very well at the stores too. As a result, when we ran out, many of the orders had to be canceled due to the inventory being out of stock and us not being able to get any more from the manufacturer. There were a couple other cancellation reasons I saw in the system (i.e. Customer Changed Mind, etc.) but the vast majority were due to the product being Out of Stock due to its popularity."

    Performics PM comments "So needless to say, this seems like something that was out of the norm for this client since it is seasonally based."

    Itís interesting. Our site did 2x orders with other vendors, who also have retail storesÖ but none experienced Undergroundís inventory discrepancy problems.

    Net net: We lost $600 for 2week's worth of sales because Underground Station has a inventory tracking system.

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