I just received this email from "Sports Fan Outlet" dot com.

> "We are very sorry but due to a tremendous increase in the cost of the affiliate program that we use, we have had to discontinue this program. All Sales before 9:00am cdt.Jan 14th have been processed for commissions, and we have sent emails to those of you who will be receiving commission checks. Once again any sale that Sportsfanoutlet.com receives from any affiliate account will not be processed for commissions after Jan 14th 9:00 am cdt. Please remove any links or banners you may have put up." <

The Kowabunga fee increases were imposed last summer, weren't they? Why would any merchant need to make such an abrupt decision at this late date? And why are they only notifying affiliates 24 hours after the program was closed?

I don't think I ever posted any links (it's a pretty crappy merchant site), and of course I made every effort to withdraw from all Kowabunga programs after their ethical collapse last year.

But if these guys re-appear on another network, I'd be very reluctant to promote them, since they haven't demonstrated competence in running an affiliate program. (And coincidentally, last month I launched a sports "team store" products affiliate site.)