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    Talking 301 Redirects from 2 Different Pages to 1 Page
    Hey everyone,

    I have a datafeed in which the categories have been updated. In one instance, two categories (from the old datafeed) have been merged into one single category. Each of these two (old) categories had a seperate page. Now that they are merged, I need to redirect each old category page to that one single one.

    My question is: will using a 301 redirect from each of those two pages, to that one new single page cause any problems? Specifically, do you think Google will penalize this in any way?

    Thanks! Hope everyone is doing well.

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    The 301 status tells the browser that the page has been moved - permanently. This is extremely important to search engines as it tells them to update their database with the new link and to drop the old link.

    As for Google, it actually recommends using a 301 redirect. Google penalises for spam, which a 301 redirect prevents, as it informs the search engine about the permanent move of a site to a new location.

    For further details, I'd suggest you to check out google's webmaster help center.

    Hope that helps.

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    Just to echo what Paul B said : Using a 301 redirect is what Google wants and is, in Googles eyes, preventing Spam in their index.

    You are fine having two urls 301 into 1 url as well.!

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