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    Kohls feed - soon to be fixed
    Hi all,
    Just wanted to let you know that I got some good news from the folks at Perfomics about the Kohls feed:

    "...They are actually working on their feed as I write this email. We expect to see a new and improved feed sooner than later, hopefully next week. Once we hear, we'll send out a newsletter informing partners that the Kohl's data feed is ready to go."



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    I have been hearing that from them for a few months already. Don't believe it until you see it and don't expect it to be updated any more frequently than it is now.

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    Yeah, here's a similar message I got today after I inquired about the feed....

    "Hello Joyce,

    I am the Kohlís program manager. The Kohlís feed is not currently working or up to date. We hope to have a new and improved feed either later this week or early next week. Weíll drop a newsletter informing you that the feed is ready to go.


    Fingers crossed...not holding breath however.

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