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    include "featured products" atother pages?
    I'm wanting to mix perl, php and html again.

    In the dyse templates random products are displayed by <!--cat.feature.grid.3-->

    I'm thinking it would be cool if the script would also send the random products to a special url like

    Then I could include that with php into my index page. And if I happen to have more than one shop, I could use a rotator script to rotate between all the shops featured products.

    Or maybe some other method. It would just be another nice way to entice visitors and spiders on into the shops.

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    DySE does not support including its output into other pages (e.g.: like You would have to make a .php script that fetches DySE output using the php function file_get_contents such as:

    thehtml = file_get_contents(url)

    Then parse thehtml to isolate the Featured Products section. In your DySE template add recognizeable comments before/after the featured products so you can easily find them in PHP and delete before/after them. You might want to cache this html to disk and stale it out after a while (e.g.: 1 minute), that way you don't keep calling the DySE page each time.

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    per: David Cusimano

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