I'm an avid reader of many online communties and one of the most common comments I see goes something like:

"#!$!@$% I forgot to go through ebates to get my extra 2% off!#@$"

I also used to work with/know a lot of people who spend most of their disposable income online. I hear it from them as well.

The sale still occurred, though, it was either noncommissionable or attributed to some other affiliate.

It really is ashame when that happens to the poor customer, and I really feel like he was cheated.

Isn't it great that now there exists software which prevents this from happening?

I see it as a real value add to all merchants to be sure this software is enabled for their site by partnering with all affiliates who use it.

I know how much merchants spend on branding and customer aquisition, and, it is important that when that branding starts to work and customers come to your site directly that you give them cash back for doing it.

There are some really cheap merchants operating on a shoestring budget who feel that this is not fair. Ignore them. So what if you paid PPC fees or have a partnership with one of the older outdated traditional affiliates which drove that customer there. Its all part of doing business. You should want to pay your customers for every sale.

Some of these traditional affiliates may complain as well. Ignore them. They are all a bunch of whiners. One day they will get it and develop or license their own software applications, and start their own cash back portals. The ones who don't will simply be forced out of business and forced to find another source of revenue. This is natural.

Imagine how great it will be in the future when all of your affiliates are operating cash back portals with downloadable software and you can be sure that you keep all your customers happy by paying a percentage of each sale to them. You will no longer have to worry about any of those pesky sites with content on them who recommend your products to their visitors. Again, a bunch of whiners anyway.

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.


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