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    Any ideas on why this happens with Adwords?
    So lets say I am trying to promote something like "the white stripes music" through downloads.

    Why if I have a very targeted landing page and there are no other advertisers does Google still raise the min bids to something very high?

    Everything seems to be right I think. You can take a look at the site here:

    Could the keywords not being tightly grouped enough be the problem or could it be that a word like white stripes music gets so much traffic that the click rate is very low so they assume it is not a good ad?

    Thanks for any help/advice you can give.


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    perhaps stuff like

    - no privacy policy on the site
    - no real content on the site (1-pager) - so called "thin affiliate site"

    Just for kicks, for a second change your destination URL on your ads to something more rich/popular/mainstream (such as itunes or something) and see if that changes the minimum bid. If so, you've been "Google-Slapped".

    Good luck.

    p/s the landing page looks nice.

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    >patience< can sometimes be a virtue when it comes to adwords. I've left a "poor " quality score sit on (campaign expired) for a while, and come back to a "great" quality score (and lower bids)... later. YMMV

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    Your problem is related to the quality score. I've seen several situations where the keywords, ad text and landing page were all very relevant, plus the CTR was strong, yet the keywords received a Poor quality score, which raises the cost.

    I sent a message to Google about this and their response indicated that the keywords used are of low value to users. I don't know how to interpret that, but I think it means that the keywords are not used often in a search, which is not the case if users are clicking on the ads. They recommend deleting the keywords, rather than trying to improve the quality score. Huh?

    Turn on the quality scores on the keywords page in AdWords and you will see that the quality score is the issue.

    One thing that is scary is that the AdWords video tutorial states that a Poor quality score for a single keyword can affect the costs for all keywords in an Ad Group.
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    Yep, I concur with the others here, it's a quality scoring issue.

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    thanks guys!

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