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    Need help for ChannelAdvisor
    Hi all,
    I am planting to improving our affiliate program by useing the ChannelAdvisor,

    Can any body who has some experience with ChannelAdvisor toll me that :

    1 How their service can be used in affiliate marketing ?

    2 How publisher can use this service ?

    3 which is better ? Channeladvisor , channel intelligence, GSIcommerce ?

    I am merchant advertisor in SAS network.

    really need help in use some service to manage my data feed and implove our performance .

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    Channel Advisor
    Channel Advisor promise to feed your products to a variety of shopping comparison sites from just one feed. Our experience was completely different to this. We signed up to what seemed to be the perfect solution. The problem is once we had signed up - we were in a contract. Most of the feeds needed remapping, & when you have over 2000 products this is impossible. The categories needed remapping also. After 6 months we told them it was not working as described by the salesman and wished no longer to use the product, or feed was stopped, and contact was broken. 4 month down the line they still hold us to the 350 a month. Do not sign up for channel advisor unless you are prepared to remap most of your products. Communication was very poor. The 'Implemetation Manager', did not implement anything. Customer care was hideous. Don't use Channeladvisor.

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    Hi Guys -
    While I can't speak on Channel Intelligence or GSIcommerce my client currently uses ChannelAdvisor as a complete solution to channel management and reporting allowing me the opportunity to work with CA on an almost daily basis.

    There are a variety of ways ChannelAdvisor can benefit an affiliate program depending on its stage of development and needs.

    1.) CA Complete provides a single interface by which to manage, track and monitor sales across multiple channels with the use of various modules. Marketplaces covers eBay, Amazon and Overstock. There is also a Paid Search module to create manage and analyze your cpc campaigns, integrating with Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing and MSN (Bing) Ad Center.

    2.) The CA Comparison Shopping module is used to provide automatic feed updates to comparison shopping engines and affiliate networks. With over 18,000 sku's in stock it would be impossible for my client to manually generate feeds to the shopping engines on a daily basis. ChannelAdvisor makes this possible and currently offers feed integration with Commission Junction, Linkshare and Google however, CA does not provide data feed support for ShareASale accounts. If you are a ChannelAdvisor customer and would like to cast your vote for SAS feed integration you can do so within the SSC here. Luckily ShareASale provides instructions on creating the data feed and submitting directly, its just a bigger hassle.

    3.) Channel Advisor Complete Reporting can help merchants using the "Big 3" networks to easily identify which products are attracting shoppers and converting buyers. Feeds can be managed at the channel, site, keyword and sku levels. You can get insight into clicks, orders, conversion %, revenue, cost, ers, and avg order value, buyer latency, feed history etc. This information can be invaluable when deciding on marketing strategies and can be also passed along to your affiliates in easier to understand terms to assist them in better promoting your products.

    4.) ChannelAdvisor Store Advisor Premium offers aspdnsf as a shopping cart solution for merchants. ASPDotNetStoreFront is very conducive to running an in house affiliate program allowing the assignment of affiliate ID's within the cart admin. These pre determined affiliate ID's can be tracked and monitored via a query string but will most likely require developer level skills to implement. ASPDNSF also gives the buyer many opportunities for interaction and assists in conversions with a well organized product landing page and advanced categorization options for merchants.

    So what are the "downfalls" to using ChannelAdvisor? Besides the obvious lack of ShareASale feed submissions, ChannelAdvisor has a couple of other policies you may want to become familiar with before making your decision.

    ChannelAdvisor does not provide phone support. You are assigned an implementations manager upon activation whose main job is seemingly making sure that you understand how to use the interface correctly. They do not provide "technical" support on pixel installations etc. and (although it may have changed by now) I found their pixel documentation to be incorrect at the time of my install.

    When contacting support with what should typically be common questions their lowest level support often has to escalate the issue to senior support causing extra time to receive a response to your ticket.

    AND lastly, I do not suggest the average site owner to embark on a Store Advisor Premium customization without a developer that has experience in writing xml packages. Although CA has suggested design partners they do not provide adequate documentation on storefront customization and extensive skill is required to fully benefit from the robust functionality.

    Hopefully this may help other merchants to make a better informed decision when considering ChannelAdvisor and choosing what is best for their affiliate programs.


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