Dollars Want Me Affiliate Program

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Do you dream of financial freedom? You are in the right place! Welcome to Dollars Want Me!

Our affiliate program is the perfect way to start earning extra money and attracting dollars to you!

The key to making money with the Dollars Want Me Affiliate Program is to make sales! We provide self-help products and courses to people to help them to become financially free and achieve whatever they want in life.

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Our products include:

Ebook – Dollars Want Me: New Millennium Edition – With this book you will discover how you can revolutionize your financial future! In just 49 minutes you will discover how easy it is to attract money to you, and get the financial results you want.

Action Guide – This guide eBook has all the important information you need to make dollars work for you! This 7-day action guide provides you with 103 years of time proven step-by-step instructions for affirming your way to financial freedom.

Affirmations – Dollars Want Me provides you with 37 powerful affirmations to help you on your journey to financial freedom! Affirmations are small sentence’s that will embed them self into your sub-conscious mind, and because repetition builds habits, repeating your affirmations to yourself regularly guarantees success in reaching your goals!

Coaching – The Dollars Want Me Mastermind Group is a 7-week course aimed at helping you reach your financial goals or any other life goal you set.

We have several packages to choose from.

Use your personal invite link to share Dollars Want Me with your friends, family or associates. With this exclusive invite only program you will be provided with the Affiliate Program Quick Start Guide Ebook, and marketing toolkit & resources.

This 7-tier 3 x 7 forced matrix custom affiliate system is free to join, there are no monthly fees, and you will receive instant daily commission payments.

Commission Structure:

We pay 50% commission instantly in all seven levels for all products sold from Dollars Want Me valued at $295 or $495 (E.g. 10%: $29.50 & $49.50 & 5%: $14.75 & $24.75).

Level 1. 10%
Level 2. 10%
Level 3. 10%
Level 4. 5%
Level 5. 5%
Level 6. 5%
Level 7. 5%

30% of all commissions earned by affiliate members is used to buy BitDollarz automatically in real-time, making this a unique and exciting profit share system for paid members.

We pay 3.5% (7 x 0.005%) commission instantly in 7 levels from all BitDollarz sales in the private exchange. 4% seller fee. (E.g.: $200 sell order = $1)

This 7-tier 3 x 7 forced matrix custom affiliate system is free to join, there are no monthly fees, and you will receive instant daily commission payments thru Paylution.

BitDollarz Private Exchange

When you join Dollars Want Me, you also have the opportunity to join our BitDollarz Private Exchange. This is a unique and exciting profit share system that rewards members for their sales efforts! It is an invite only exchange available to all paid members of Dollars Want Me. If you’re looking for a monthly return of 10%, 20% or more, BitDollarz is most likely to deliver this, and our rate never drops.

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