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If you’re looking for an established affiliate program that appeals to a wide audience range, take a look at eBay Partner Network (ePN), eBay’s in-house affiliate program. By joining ePN, you’ll earn a percentage of eBay’s revenue when the visitors you drive to eBay make a purchase.

Get started today with a streamlined application process and quick approvals!

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Why you should join ePN

There are many reasons why you’ll want to join eBay’s affiliate program, including: Competitive earnings Bonuses for driving new/reactivated eBay buyers A simple application process Quick application approvals Partnership with eBay’s globally recognized brand Unmatched inventory of products for everyone International reach with eBay sites across multiple countries and languages Tools ranging from link generators to API access No need for a website – use your social network to promote Daily deals providing deep discounts on top products Responsive support and communication channels

Who should join?

Publishers of all types partner with eBay to monetize their online businesses, including those with blogs, apps, shopping comparison sites, social media-based businesses and more.There are no restrictions regarding participating in eBay Partner Network in addition to other affiliate programs; many eBay affiliates participate in multiple programs. Anyone with an interest in affiliate marketing is encouraged to apply to ePN!

Commission & payments

When you drive traffic to eBay and it converts into a Winning Bid or Buy It Now purchase, you'll earn a percentage of eBay's revenue. Essentially, the more revenue your traffic generates for eBay, the more you'll be paid. Pricing is based on a set of category-level commission rates, ranging from 40% to 80% (click here to view rates by category and program country). You can earn even more with a 200% bonus when you drive new and reactivated eBay buyers to make a purchase. ePN pays affiliates monthly, and each month’s payment is for the previous month’s activities (i.e. your February payment would include earnings from affiliate purchases completed in January). You can choose to receive your earnings through PayPal or direct deposit

How to apply

You can complete the application online in just a few minutes by providing some basic information about how you intend to drive traffic to eBay. Applications are generally approved within two to three hours. As long as you are in compliance with ePN’s Terms and Conditions, the likelihood that you’ll be accepted into the program is very high! Join eBay Partner Network